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Website design studio Budapest

We are on the market since 2004 with marketing councelling. We started to prepare websites in 2006, focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and website usability. Our websites are real "hand made" sites, although we work with open source CMS, Wordpress and its webshop plugin, Woocommerce.

We cannot forget marketing: each of our website planning start with a marketing audit, and setting up the brand positioning. We finish the work with content marketing coaching.

What we do

Website Design

On marketing basis we build websites nice to look at and easy to use. From company website to webshop.

Responsive design

We prepare mobile optimised websites for tablet and smartphones with responsive programming: one website is made for all screen sizes.

Content Marketing

Website copywriting. administering Facebook and Google+ pages, infographics, presentations, online PR.

Logo Design and Photo Shooting

The logo design is made in line with marketing positioning. We do the photo shooting for the webdesign purpose.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Targeting the first 5 positions of Google SERP. Keyword strategy and solutions programmed on search engine friendly way.

Marketing Strategy

We help to set up the brand positioning, define the target group and marketing activity.

How we work

Website - as a whole

We look at website design and programming as a whole:

  • marketing tool, which communicates brand positioning and brand values
  • online businesscard or catalogue introducing the company as the very first sales representative of it - therefore SEO is a must to find information about the company
  • functional tool, using the key learnings of website usability studies from the eye-movement tests to "grand mother tests".

How we make website

In website design we follow exactly the same way as top rated international digital agencies work:

1. setting up marketing and brand positioning

With a solid marketing background and 20 years practice in marketing we help to outline the marketing strategy - an essential element of the business and the website. Website must be clear on the message whom the company want to sell and what the main message is. We look at the website as a brand, therefore the starting point is to define the brand equity.

2. keyword research and plan

Our nearly 10 years of SEO experience we can help to define the keywords and key phrases what the target group use. We sort out the most important keywords as well as the future keyword strategy plan.

3. logical and structural planning of the website

For a clear and well-organized website a well-thought Information Architecture (IA) plan is a solid basis. The structure of the site must be valid for the current and future needs (2-3 years).

4. website design

The creative and artistic part of the website development can be summed up in the so-called wireframe and moodboard: the logo, colors, images and lettertypes must be in harmony, otherwise the site gives a poor impression. After the client's approval of the wireframe and moodboard, we start the programming: the website design goes through the transition online.

5. SEO copywriting and content marketing plan

We train our customers how to write SEO copy of their website and how to develop it continuosly. Further development of the website is content marketing itself - building up infographics, articles, blog, presentations, videos for supporting the flow of information about the company.

6. follow-up and coaching

SEO and online marketing is not a one-time activity but a continuous job. That's why we work on long term relationship with our clients.


We can work on your marketing strategy, and help with a well-thought website. Depending on the type of business we can advise on selling strategy as well.  
Well, we are not native speakers but all of our knowledge about professional website design, website copywriting, content marketing and SEO is coming from English books and articles. Hopefully enough to prepare a full extra website.:)
You are welcome! Our strenght is providing these services all-in-one. You don't have to take care of communication between different agencies - each of them blaming the other for not understanding each other. We deliver them as a package and conflicts are solved without your involvement.